Esther Kim

Visual Artist

7.5” x 2.5” x 9”
Bronze, wood

Wildfire is about taking something withered and giving it life as a way to cope with the inability to control physical illness. Having weak lungs, Kim battles with going in and out of having respiratory issues. Wildfire was an ongoing three year project as she struggled to work with such fragile material. Made from a collection of red twigs, she glued and grafted them into a form that resembles pulmonary veins within the human lungs. The twigs were cast in an investment mould, taken through the process of organic burn out, and casted in bronze. The red dye and liver of sulphur patina was applied to bring the bronze twigs back to its original colour. Taking plants weakened from the natural cycle of life, Kim reconstructs her lungs into a form of resilience. Wildfire is a way to reclaim strength and to deal with the constant battle between the mind and body. The intricate networking of branches is enclosed in a wooden border and illuminated to create a shadow; an illusion much larger than itself.

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