Esther Kim

Visual Artist

Artist Statement

The mechanical process of repetition is a fundamental component in Kim’s sculptural art practice as it combines the concepts of the working body with the working machine. The process of dialogue between the body and mind allows her to challenge bodily limitations and to explore deeper within herself.  Emulating the living vessel, she accentuates size and scale to place emphasis on autonomy. Exploring the human body is understanding a machine; each functioning part has its own purpose and as a whole becomes integrated. However, the human body is full of spontaneity; obstructed through its limitations and surpassed by the mind. Infinite through thought and imagination, the mind exceeds beyond what is physical. Whereas the body is finite, limited by what’s tangible within the senses. Kim’s process is a manifestation of the battle between the body and mind, and through her work she shapes these ideas into physical reality. She aims to create an open interpretation that instigates awareness of the viewers subjective selves and allows people to freely create associations through their own bodily experiences.