Esther Kim

Visual Artist


Here Am I
4” x 3” x 6”
Bronze, mirror

Here Am I is an exploration of personal identity and vulnerability through negative experiences with body image. Since a young age, Kim's ears have been subjected to peculiar gazes which have layered and moulded her sensitivity about them over the years. The ear is modelled from her own, sculpted in clay and made into a rubber silicone mould. The ear’s permanence is solidified in bronze through the lost wax and ceramic shell foundry process. Protruding from the empty wall, the ear sticks out, emphasizing its’ visibility and feelings of scrutiny, shame, and sensitivity. In these moments of being observed, her awareness of others staring heightens; how she perceives her ears is inevitably connected to what others think. Here Am I is reconciliation towards accepting who she is and the strangeness of body parts and shapes. A small mirror lies in-front of the eardrum, and as the viewer looks inward, they see themselves.