Esther Kim

Visual Artist

Gallery Exhibition:

Solve Et Coagula

Solve Et Coagula (2020) features a solo sculptural exhibition by Esther Kim co-curated by Nima Salimi.

“The Latin expression “solve et coagula” is derived from “solve,” meaning to break down and separate, while “coagula” describes the process of bringing elements back together (coagulating) into a new, higher form.” Solve Et Coagula is an exhibition that encapsulates the process of transformation from material to matter both individually in each sculpture and unified by the exhibition as a whole. Each individual work represents fragments of the body while collectively constructing a whole greater than its sum. Verging on the ephemeral notions of the physical human figure, the sculptural mediums create a lasting impact, solidifying its permanence in the world while exploring the ambiguity and complexities of the human body. 

Gallery Exhibition:

The Absence of 

The Absence of (2019) features sculptures and mixed media by 5th and 4th year Visual Art Studio students Esther Kim and Alaa Asim.

The exhibition showcases fragmented and abstracted bodies of work, raising questions and drawing connections on the subjectivity and objectivity of both body and spirit. By creating a tangible permanence through material, the absent body becomes solidified through the dissection of knowledge, memories and history. The Absence of is bounded by the concepts of time and the regenerative qualities of life and death.

Gallery Exhibition:


Curated by Rebecca Garcia-Echeverria and Melanie Delamorandiere

"'Imotiv' will display works that not only stimulate or trigger particular senses such as smell, touch, taste etc, but they also provoke a sense of caution. Be it that you are too close to something familiar yet unidentifiable, or your thoughts are trying to process the particular use of materiality, either way, 'Imotiv' is an exploration of heightened awareness of the senses and thoughts." 

Gallery Exhibition:

Embodied Thought 

Duo-exhibition by Esther Kim and Rebecca Garcia

Embodied Thought is a duo-exhibition featuring Canadian Artists Esther Kim and Rebecca Garcia. Using photography to experience time, sculpture to encapsulate the human form, and figure drawings to draw parallels, the two artists aim to create a dialogue through their respective media about the rawness of being human. By integrating sculpture with photography and illustration, the exhibit allows viewers to immerse themselves through the different layers of physical stress and psychological foundations as well as the emotional and mental burdens of the embodied thought.